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Yu Jiaolong was very angry, and the consequences were serious.

Her eyes were cold, mixed with a biting killing intent.

There seems to be a flash of lightning in the void.

Yu Jiaolong stood there and did not move, while the pale silver Overlord Spear had already pierced into the chest of the man in the dragon robe!

Su Shi didn’t capture any movement at all.

As if across space, everything happens in an instant.


The loud explosion sounded only a few seconds later!

Looking at the cold profile face, Su Shi’s heart was filled with waves.

Is it possible to do this with physical strength alone?

Is this the strength of the Qinglong Holy Envoy?

I am afraid that he is as strong as Chen Wangchuan, and he can only avoid his edge.

On the throne, the man in the dragon robe remained motionless.

Under the harsh gun wind, the purple dragon robe was blown to pieces, the bead curtain and crown slipped from the head, and the golden jade beads were scattered on the ground.

However, looking at the scene in front of them, both of them were stunned.

I saw that under the gorgeous dragon robe, it turned out to be a dense skeleton!

The burly man who was still full of energy just now has become a skeleton without flesh and blood!

The silver gun was sandwiched between the sternums, and the empty eye sockets looked at the two of them faintly.

Yujiao Longjian’s eyebrows sank slightly.

No wonder it felt wrong, it turned out to be dead.

Su Shi came back to his senses and suddenly said: “It seems that we are still in an illusion!

The picture plays back in my head.

From the moment the two pushed open the gate of the palace, they should have already entered the illusion.

Everything you see is fake.

After passing through the corridor and entering the palace, Yu Jiaolong fell into the second stage of illusion!

That is,

They haven’t really woken up yet!

Su Shi looked solemn.

Even if he has a golden body, he still needs spiritual power to activate it.

This monster has hallucinogenic power, and it is almost invincible when combined with the formation that suppresses spiritual energy.

“No wonder the beasts outside don’t come in, because there’s no need at all.

Compared with the city-states densely populated by beasts, this luxurious palace is the real death place!

Yu Jiaolong realized the seriousness of the situation and asked, “Then what should we do now?”

Divine soul and spiritual power are both limited, so strong that she is helpless.

His eyes turned to Su Shi involuntarily.

Su Shi’s mind turned.

“If you use strange stones to form an array and try to shield the formation, you may be able to temporarily use spiritual power.”

“But now I can’t even use the storage ring, and I can’t take out the strange stone at all. 99


Lightning flashed in his mind, and he asked: “Sacred Jade, can you sense the existence of the silver spear?

“Silver gun?

Yu Jiaolong held his right hand empty, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

“It’s in my hands?

That silver spear was the magic weapon that she had given her life to cultivate, and it had long been connected to her bloodline. This kind of induction could not be blocked by illusion.

At this time, the silver spear was clearly inserted into the chest of the skeleton.

But she could clearly sense that the gun was still in her hand!

Su Shi nodded and said, “It seems that all the movements are just hallucinations and cannot affect reality at all.”

Yu Jiaolong asked, “Then what?”

Su Shi smiled, “Then you have to kill me.”

Yu Jiaolong was stunned for a moment, “What did you say?”

She suspected she had heard it wrong.

Su Shi explained: “Since you can’t use supernatural powers, the only way to break the illusion is to become a dead person.

No matter how strong the illusion, it is impossible to have an effect on the dead.

As long as the consciousness thinks that he is dead, he will naturally be free from the influence of illusion.

Yu Jiaolong’s voice moved, “But… what if he really died?

Su Shi shook his head and said, “You are shooting in a fantasy world and won’t affect me in reality. 95

This is not a gamble, he has enough confidence.

There is no perfect illusion in the world.

Su Shi keenly caught the slightest flaw.

Yu Jiaolong was still a little hesitant.

Su Shi urged: “Go ahead, if there is a problem with the actual body, it will be bad.”

Even in fantasy, no one wants to experience death.

But that’s the only way to regain sobriety.

Yu Jiaolong was silent for a moment, “Are you sure your judgment is correct? 99

Su Shi nodded, “I’m pretty sure.”

“it is good.”

Yu Jiaolong stepped onto the throne and pulled out the silver spear.

But instead of aiming at Su Shi, he turned the silver gun upside down and pointed the tip at his heart.

Su Shi was stunned, “Jade Holy Envoy, you are…”

Yu Jiaolong looked calm and said in a low voice, “I guess I believe you once.

Before Su Shi could react, the silver spear stabbed into his chest with a strong gust of wind!

Gang Qi smashes the five internal organs to shreds!

The silver spear and her life are exchanged, and the power of the backlash at this moment will tear her soul apart in an instant!

Yu Jiaolong spurted blood, and the severe pain made her tremble, but a bright smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

“Even though it’s cold to the bone, my blood is still warm.


The body fell to the ground weakly.

Breath cut off, no vitality.

Looking at those dim eyes, Su Shi swallowed hard.

There is great terror between life and death.

All the pain and fear are real, even if it is an illusion.

How many people in the world can have such courage?

“The Holy Envoy of Jade is really a ruthless person! 99

next second,

Suddenly there is a flower in front of you!

Su Shi opened his eyes again.

I saw that the surrounding scene had all changed.

Dust, cobwebs, dim light.

The luxurious palace that used to be brightly lit has now become depressed and dilapidated.

The gloomy wind whistled in his ears, as if he was in a cold cellar.

Yu Jiaolong was beside him, his expression was cold and intact.

Su Shi breathed a sigh of relief.

Although I knew it was an illusion, the scene of 423’s death was too real, and it was inevitable that people would be heartbroken.

Look up and look around.

I saw that the two were stuck on a cobweb.

On the opposite side is a terrifying monster!

The huge body almost filled the entire hall, eight long hairy legs were caught on the spider web, and the mouth like pincers kept secreting saliva.

On the face that looks like a human race, there is a huge one-eyed, staring straight at the two.

The color in the one eye is colorful, like a kaleidoscope that is constantly blooming.

“Man-faced spider.”

Su Shi frowned slightly, “Bloodline talent is hallucination, and it seems that it is what drags us into the illusion.”

The two have been wrapped in spider silk.

If it is a while longer at night, it is likely to be corroded and digested!

Yu Jiaolong looked at the spider demon indifferently.

First let her relive the bitterness of freezing, and then forced her to kill herself with a silver gun, all of which have made her out of anger.

The silver spear in his hand trembled slightly, and the astral qi smashed the spider silk.

The slender figure hovered briefly in the air.

Yu Jiaolong lowered his body, relaxed his waist, and let out a piercing buzzing sound from the silver Overlord Spear.

“Second shot.

“Flying God.””


The silver spear spun, and the qi was like a wave.

Like a rapidly spinning hurricane, piercing into the ugly eye!

All hatred is condensed on this gun!.


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