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Looking at the man in the dragon robe, Su Shi frowned.

The story is not described in detail in the book.

He knew that there were underground city-states, and he knew that there were beasts in the city, but he never imagined that there were still living people in the palace!

The man in the dragon robe has good features and a majestic temperament, and at first glance he has been in a high position for a long time.

“Being able to come here means that you have defeated the beast and passed the test of the solitary king.”

The man in the dragon robe said.

The sound is like a bell, full of energy.

The man in the dragon robe beckoned, “Come here, there are people who are destined, the orphan will give you a chance.”

Su Shi squeezed his chin, “I hear your line very well.

It is almost the same as the ancient emperor’s heart lice.

The man in the dragon robe frowned and said, “Are you questioning the Lone King? 35

“That’s right.

Su Shi said calmly: “This city-state is deep underground, and the outside is full of fierce beasts. It is estimated that the people have already died, so why are you the only one left intact?”

“Four two three” There is not a trace of spiritual power here.

Even if he doesn’t die in the mouth of the beast, he will starve to death sooner or later.

If the strength is strong enough to ignore the restrictions of the formation, and it has already broken through the ground, how can it be confined in this palace?

It would be weird if there were no tricks here!

The man in the dragon robe sighed and said, “With the solitary cultivation base, how could he be trapped by the mere yellow sand and beasts?

“When disaster strikes, although loneliness can protect itself, it cannot protect the people.

“Facing the common people without face, I imprisoned myself here.”

“Suffering the pain of loneliness is only for atonement.””

“You can come here, you can be considered as people who are destined, how can you be lonely and leave empty-handed?

The man looked remorseful and sincere, as if he was really suffering from great pain.

Su Shi smiled and applauded, “It seems that you are stronger than Gudi Xinlu, at least you can justify yourself.”

The man in the dragon robe turned cold, and said solemnly, “It seems that you still don’t believe in loneliness.”

“Forget it, since it’s not speculative, then you can go out.

Said and waved his hand.

The door opened behind them, allowing them to leave.

Su Shi was unmoved and jokingly said: “I guess the moment I turn around, you will shoot out brazenly, right? 35

The man in the dragon robe sounded displeased, “Who do you think of the Lone King?

“You’re good at acting, but there’s one thing you can’t hide. 35

Su Shi sneered: “The stench of the demonic air above your head is so unpleasant that Laozi is almost out of breath!

Although there is no spiritual power here, Wang Qi can not be fully displayed.

But you can still vaguely see the mist.

After this period of conversation, Su Shi finally saw the weather.

This dragon robe man is not human at all!

“Why do you monsters always like to play this set?”

“Don’t get tired of it!”

Hearing Su Shi’s words, the man in the dragon robe lowered his head silently.

The hall fell silent.

Su Shi patted Yu Jiaolong on the shoulder, “Sacred Jade, kill him!

Started cold, no response.

“Jade Messenger?

Su Shi froze for a moment.

He suddenly realized that Yu Jiaolong hadn’t said a word since stepping into the palace.

Turning her head to look, she saw that she was standing there blankly.

The pupils are dilated and there is no focal length.

The icy cold air rises from the whole body, and the body is quickly covered by frost, which is constantly spreading to the heart.

It looks like it will turn into an ice sculpture!

“not good!”

Su Shi suddenly came back to his senses.

The man in the dragon robe said so much nonsense, he didn’t really expect to deceive him.

It’s just procrastinating!

The moment he stepped into the palace, Yu Jiaolong had already been hit by an illusion!

Because her spiritual power is suppressed, she has almost no ability to resist!

Su Shi’s palm ignited a pale golden flame, grabbed Yu Jiaolong’s arm, and tried to help her dispel the cold.

Desolate Star Divine Flame is a kind of treasure, which can be used even without spiritual power.

But it’s just usable.

Shenhuo uses spiritual power as “fuel”.

There is not a trace of spiritual energy here, causing the flame to become very weak, and there is no way to drive out the cold air!

Watching the frost spread to Yu Jiaolong’s heart, Su Shi looked anxious.

If the heart is frozen, it will be really useless!

“There’s no other way, Holy Envoy Jade, I’ve offended you!”

Su Shi held the golden fire in his palm and pressed it directly on Yu Jiaolong’s heart!

She must protect her heart with the only remaining flame!

“Don’t sleep, wake me up!

Yu Jiaolong had a dream.

The moment she entered the palace, she fell into the icy deep sea.

There is endless darkness around.

The further down you go, the colder the sea becomes.

The bone-chilling chill wrapped her around her, and she was helpless, she could only watch as she was frozen by the ten thousand years of cold air.

Vision gradually became blurred.

“Are you going to be frozen again? 35

“How many years is it this time?

“I haven’t done what I want to do, I haven’t drunk the wine I want to drink, and there are still many regrets in my life… But I can’t help it, I can’t hold it anymore…”

“Maybe, this is my destiny, right?”

Yu Jiaolong closed his eyes as if resigned.

Consciousness slipped quietly into the bottomless abyss.

At this moment, a golden flame suddenly lit up in her heart!

The sudden warmth will temporarily dispel the cold!


Yu Jiaolong opened his eyes blankly.

A roar came from his ear: “Don’t sleep, wake me up!

There seemed to be a heavy blow to the head.

Lingtai is transparent and sober.

All despair and fragility disappeared at this moment.

Yu Jiaolong’s eyes were cold, “It’s not enough to freeze me for ten years? Is it over?!


The surging gun intent came out from the body, and the ten thousand years of ice shattered!

At the same time, her consciousness also left the icy deep sea.

Yu Jiaolong’s eyes returned to clarity.

I saw that I was still in the palace, there was neither sea water nor ice.

“It turned out to be an illusion? 99

Suddenly, there was a pain in the chest.

She was a little puzzled and slowly looked down.

I saw Su Shi pressing his right hand on her heart, muttering to himself: “Don’t sleep, it will become a big ice cube!”

Every time he mumbled a word, his hand pressed down subconsciously.

Yu Jiaolong’s expression was stiff and his head was a little dizzy.

I suddenly felt that it would be fine if it was frozen just now.

At least you don’t have to face this scenario.


“Huh 4.2?

Su Shi hasn’t recovered yet.

Yu Jiaolong’s voice trembled slightly, “Don’t press, I’m already awake. 55

Su Shi froze.

The air is quiet.

Su Shi slowly retracted his right hand, cleared his throat, and said, “Very good, it seems that my CPR is quite effective. Ahem, are you, are you alright? 99

Yu Jiaolong turned his head, “It’s okay, just a little pain in the chest.


Su Shi scratched his head in embarrassment.

Yu Jiaolong calmed down and looked up at the throne, “Is this the illusion that this guy uses?”

Su Shi nodded, “That’s right.

“it is good.”

Yu Jiaolong shook his silver spear, his bright eyes full of murderous intent.

The other party dared to let her recall the pain of being frozen again.

This had completely irritated her.

“One of the gun lanes.

“Through the heart.””


The gun shoots like a dragon!.


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