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Even though he was well prepared, Su Shi was still shocked by the scene in front of him.

There is a huge city-state in front of you!

The houses are like houses, the streets are staggered, surrounded by city walls, and there is a luxurious palace in the distance.

It’s almost the same as a human city!

Just from the perspective of the architectural style, it seems to have been very long ago.

A beam of light lit up in the palace, forming a dome that enveloped the entire city, isolating the endless yellow sand.

Yu Jiaolong was also shocked by this scene.

“what’s going on?”

In the depths of the ground, beneath a thousand meters of yellow sand, is there a city-state hidden?

Su Shi said: “I think this should be an oasis, but it was swallowed by quicksand, causing the entire city to fall.”

He could even imagine the despair of the people in the city.

Although this light curtain can isolate the yellow sand, it cannot isolate the monsters, nor can it help them get out.

Desperately waiting for death.

“Being able to breathe means there is air, but cannot use spiritual power?”

Su Shi meridians are empty.

Not only was there not a trace of spiritual energy in the air, but even the spiritual energy in the body was suppressed by some kind of force.

Yu Jiaolong frowned and said, “I can’t use spiritual power either. 33

To be able to withstand the pressure of a kilometer of yellow sand and protect the entire city for so long, the power of this formation is simply appalling!

Looking at the luxurious palace where the rays of light meet in the distance, Su Shi said, “Looks like the chance is there.””

But how to get there is the question.

The two stood on the city wall and looked down.

I saw countless beasts entrenched below.

Poisonous scorpions, monster pythons, ghost spiders… have become the nests of vicious beasts!

Although there is no spiritual power here, it is also a natural shelter, which naturally attracts these monsters.

“The poisonous scorpion that attacked Sandstorm City should have come from here.

Su Shi said: “There is no other way, I have to kill all the way.

At this time, Yu Jiaolong asked aloud: “Did you get the chance for you to help me heal?”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “You rescued me in Wasteland City. Even if you don’t do anything this time, I will still help you get rid of the cold.”

Back in the Wasteland City, the demon embryo was about to explode, and a silver spear annihilated it.

Save him and Zhan Qingchen and others.

Yu Jiaolong said lightly, “I just completed the mission of the Holy Master.

Su Shi nodded and said, “I know, besides this, there is another thing.

“What’s up?”

Yu Jiaolong asked curiously.

Su Shi said with a smile: “Since you are following me in the dark, you naturally know my relationship with Zhan Qingchen, but you chose to keep it a secret for me and didn’t tell the Holy Master.

Yu Jiaolong was stunned for a moment.

It turned out that he had already guessed it.

That night, under the city wall, she personally heard the two exchange their hearts.

[I don’t care about the common people, I only care about you. 】

Those words are still ringing in my ears.

The two kissed affectionately on the city wall, while she was a complete mess under the city wall.

Yu Jiaolong shook his head and said, “I don’t like chewing people’s tongues behind their backs. As for not telling the Holy Master… it’s just because the Holy Master didn’t ask.”

Su Shi smiled, “No matter how the Jade Saint Messenger explains it, I always have my own way of dealing with the world.

Gratitude is repaid tenfold, resentment is repaid a hundredfold, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.

This is Su Shi’s way of life.

“The Jade Saint Envoy doesn’t have to take action, I will take the chance.”

Su Shi jumped off the city wall.


The monsters roared and frantically rushed towards this “different species”.

“Master Chen said, what if you don’t have a sword in your hand? What if you don’t have spiritual power?

“My heart is like a sword!”

Su Shi’s figure was lowered, and he was astonished.


Wuzhu sword will cut off all the beasts in front of you!

But soon there will be more beasts to make up for it.

Su Shi’s two fingers joined together, and the sword light was like a dragon. Even if he had no spiritual power, there was still no fierce beast to be his enemy.

But progress was still stalled.


At this time, the air trembled slightly.

A blazing silver light swept past him, and the Overlord Spear spun away, instantly clearing the beasts on the street!

Yu Jiaolong stood beside him and said lightly, “Your speed is too slow.

“Follow me.”

Her figure is like electricity, she leaps, her silver spear turns into a phantom, and she kills the beast like a destructive force!

Even without spiritual power, she is still a top powerhouse!

Su Shi was speechless when he saw this.

This woman is indeed too strong.

In terms of realm alone, Yu Jiaolong is not even as good as the other three holy envoys.

…for flowers

But if you look at the combat power, the three holy envoys together may not be able to get her!

“What do you think?”

Yujiao’s head didn’t turn back, “Why don’t you keep up?”


Su Shi dashed forward with her.

The entire city is stepped, and the luxurious palace is at the top.

The closer to the palace, the steeper the terrain, and the stronger the desire of the beasts to attack.

As if trying to stop them from entering.

But when the two stepped on the last step, the roaring beast tide suddenly stopped.

I saw the beasts stop where they were, their emotionless eyes looking at them coldly.

After a while, he slowly stepped back, completely disappearing into the darkness.

The two looked at each other, feeling that something was not quite right.

Yu Jiaolong frowned, “They don’t seem to dare to step in here?”

Su Shi shook his head, “It doesn’t look like fear, it looks like obedience.”5

These beasts are forbidden, it seems that they have received some kind of order.

“Let’s go, go in and see.”

Yu Jiaolong stepped forward and pushed open the gate of the main hall.

The two entered the palace.

As soon as the front foot stepped in, the door behind him automatically closed.

The candles lit up in front of him, illuminating this extremely luxurious palace.

It is resplendent, with dragons and phoenixes engraved on it, sandalwood as beams on Genting, and crystal jade as lamps.

Underfoot is a red carpet, which has been spread to the front of the temple.

There are statues of golden guards standing on both sides, exuding a majestic and solemn atmosphere.

Looking at the surrounding environment, Su Shi frowned slightly.

The city-state has been buried for an unknown number of years, but the temple is clean and tidy, as if someone has been cleaning it all the time.

The two walked along the carpet.

Walked through the corridor and entered the palace.

I saw a burly man in a dragon robe and a bead curtain sitting quietly on the high platform dragon chair.

The body was intact.

“Even if it’s a corpse, it should have decayed after so many years?

As soon as Su Shi finished speaking, the man on the dragon chair slowly raised his head.

Through the bead curtain, he looked at the two of them faintly.

“Hi! 35

Su Shi gasped, “A living person?!

This is not written in the book! Thousand.


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