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“The ears are red?

Feng Chaoge subconsciously reached out and touched it.


Su Shi’s light laughter came from beside him.

Feng Chaoge reacted and said coldly, “Are you making fun of me?

“I dare not.”

Su Shi shook his head, a little funny in his heart.

This female emperor seemed to have a cold attitude, but she was actually covering up her nervousness.

Although she is thoughtful and scheming, it seems that she has not had much contact with men.

Obviously the city is very deep, but sometimes it seems very simple-pure.

“What are we doing now?”

Su Shi asked, “Keep drinking – wine?”

Feng Chaoge shook his head and said, “I don’t want to drink today. 99

Although it feels good to be drunk, she is still used to keeping herself awake.

And she also wants to verify one thing:

I slept so sweetly last night, is it the effect of Xian Niu, or is Su Shi’s embrace really magical?

“Okay, then go to sleep.

Su Shi got up and stretched.

After practicing the sword for a day, he was indeed a little tired.

At this time, he suddenly thought of something, and looked at Feng Chaoge vigilantly, “By the way, are you in the state of the empress or the state of a soft girl?”

Feng Chaoge wondered: “What is a soft girl? 35

Su Shi explained: “Is your current cultivation base sealed?

The woman in front of her is the strongest.

Although there is no malice, inadvertent actions may be unbearable for him.

Still be careful.

“That’s what you said.

Feng Chaoge raised his slender fingers and pressed them between his eyebrows.

Huaguang flashed, and the coercion subsided.

A little less icy and arrogant, a little more bright and beautiful.

Feng Chaoge looked serious, “Okay, I am a soft girl now.


Su Shi couldn’t help laughing, nodded and said, “I still prefer your state.

It doesn’t feel so cold, and it becomes a lot more flesh and blood.

Feng Chaoge snorted coldly, “I need you to like me?”

She stood up, the luxurious phoenix robe dragged on the ground, turned around and walked towards the bedroom.

With his back to Su Shi, the corners of his mouth evoked a faint smile.

on the bed.

Feng Chaoge curled up in Su Shi’s arms, squirming comfortably, “I’m finally sure.

Su Shi curiously asked, “Sure what?

Feng Chaoge said softly, “I really like being held by you.

“Cough cough!””

Su Shi almost choked on his saliva.

Obviously you were still stubborn just now, so the speed of changing your face is too fast, right?

Feng Chaoge’s pretty face flushed slightly.

She didn’t want to admit it.

But no way, Su Shi really has some kind of magic.

Just lying in his arms was like being immersed in a warm spiritual spring, the pores opened, the body and mind were stretched, and the spirit was completely relaxed.

The breath and heartbeat of the other party made her feel very at ease.

All loneliness is completely gone at this moment.

She is no longer the empress sitting on the frosty sky, but has truly changed back to “Feng Chaoge” herself.


Just as Su Shi was about to speak, a slender jade hand covered his mouth.

Feng Chaoge’s eyes drooped slightly, and he muttered, “I am a little sleepy, you are not allowed to speak.”

“Oh. 55

Su Shi was silent.

After a while.

Feng Chaoge shuddered, his face instantly flushed red, and he opened his eyes and stared at him angrily.

As if ready to bite him at any moment.

Su Shi slowly pulled his hand out of the phoenix robe and said awkwardly: “Slippery, slippery…”

Feng Chaoge gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t talk, don’t touch! 35

Su Shi frowned: “Is there any human rights…”

“No, I am a tyrant!

For the next few days, Su Shi was basically at the Chen Mansion and the Imperial Palace.

But what puzzled Su Shi was that Chen Wangchuan seemed to be avoiding him recently, living in Zhanmosi Ya every day, and when he saw him from a distance, he ran away.

“It seems that my understanding is too poor, and I was disliked by Master Chen.”

Su Shi was a little ashamed.

Because he couldn’t see Chen Wangchuan, he practiced swords with Chen Qingluan.

During the day, I practiced eyebrows and swordsmanship with Chen Yushi, and at night I went to the palace to warm the Emperor’s bed.

The daily life of Duke Zhen Guo is simple and fulfilling.

Chu Yin’s case is basically settled.

Chu Yin’s defense line completely collapsed under the tribunal of the three divisions of the Slayer of Demons, the Ducha Yuan and the Dali Temple.

It is said to have fully confessed.

But in the end what has been provided, the outside world has no news at all.

The ministers who used to be princes were panicked.

There was silence in Beijing.

Yet everyone knew that this was just the calm before the storm.

Who can see through the mind of that phoenix robe empress?

Yugan Palace.

Su Shi and Feng Chaoge had breakfast, and the palace maid took out the leftovers.

Su Shi asked, “Are you sure?

“OK. 99

Feng Chaoge nodded and said, “Chu Yin must die.”

With the sins committed by Chu Yin, he should have been beheaded long ago.

Just thinking about her promise to the late emperor, she has endured all these years.

…for flowers

But the other party regards forgiveness as connivance.

Involving the righteousness of the two races, there is absolutely no room for manoeuvre.

Su Shi asked, “What about the rest of the Prince’s Mansion?

Feng Chaoge said indifferently, “Not a single one.”

Get rid of evil.


Are all the people of the Gao family innocent? All the people of the Wasteland City are innocent?

Now that they have enjoyed the glory and wealth brought by power, they naturally have to bear corresponding responsibilities.

Su Shi said nothing.

Chu Yin’s sins are so heavy that it cannot be ended with a single life.

At this time, the female official came in, holding a jade box in her hand, and a neat set of clothes was folded in the jade box.

“Your Majesty, Duke Zhen Guo’s official uniform is ready.”

Hearing this, Su Shi wondered, “My official uniform?”

Feng Chaoge said: “Since you are the duke, you will naturally have official uniforms. It should have been given to you a long time ago, but it is estimated that you will not wear it.”5

Su Shi scratched his head.

After all, he is the Holy Son of Demon Dao.

Wearing the official uniform of the court is indeed a bit strange.

“So I made a new one for you. 35

Feng Chaoge picked up the clothes from the jade box, and Su Shi was stunned the moment he unfolded it.

The clothes in front of him were silver-white, with a faint starlight in the sun, nine five-clawed pythons were embroidered on the chest and back, and the edge of the robe was inlaid with brocade pieces of gold.

Very luxurious.

“It’s woven with spirit silk, and the sword is easy to pierce, and water and fire are invulnerable.”

“The python pattern on it will only appear if it is infused with spiritual power, and it usually looks like an ordinary piece of clothing.

“That way, it should be easier for you to accept?”

Su Shi reached out and took it.

It is cold to start, delicate in texture, and has a faint fragrance.

Although Feng Chaoge didn’t say it, Su Shi knew that she definitely put a lot of thought into this dress.

Considering that he likes to wear white clothes on weekdays, he even changed the purple official uniform to silver white.

Su Shi looked up and asked, “Can I change it now?”

A trace of joy flashed in Feng Chaoge’s eyes, but he said lightly: “You can change it if you want, what does it have to do with me? 35

Su Shi reached out to unbutton his shirt.

“Wait. 99

Feng Chaoge called to stop, turned to look at the female official, and said coldly, “Why, you want to see it too?”

Only then did the female officer come back to her senses, and said in a panic, “This servant does not dare.

Hastily bowed and backed out.

He also wisely brought it to the door.

Only the two of them were left in the hall.

Feng Chaoge looked at Su Shi, her cheeks were slightly pink, she nodded and said, “It’s time to start.

Su Shi: “…”F.


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