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There was a commotion in the crowd.

I was really guessed by Su Shi, there really is something at the bottom of this pool!

No matter what’s going on below, Prince Chu’s crime of disrespect is unavoidable!

Chen Wangchuan was the first to react, “Someone, go down and give me a careful search!”

Demon Slayer officers and soldiers filed in.

After half a stick of incense, the crowd exclaimed.

I saw officers and soldiers carried out one after another corpses from the cellar.

It is the members of the Gao family who mysteriously disappeared!

The corpse looked miserable and beyond recognition, and it was obvious that it had been severely tortured during his lifetime!

The air was dead silent.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

Is Prince Chu really related to the Govan affair?

Chen Wangchuan said coldly, “Is there anything else Prince Chu wants to say?”

Chu Yin’s face was pale, and he clenched his neck and said, “This king arrested and tortured the Gao family for the purpose of thoroughly investigating this case. They are sinners in the first place, so what if they die?”

“What evidence do you have that proves that this king is fornicating with aliens?

What if the bodies of the Gao family were found?

This is not enough to be ironclad 12.

As long as he doesn’t admit it, Chen Wangchuan can’t do anything about him!

At this moment, the officers and soldiers removed several large boxes from the ground.

The box opened, and the crowd exploded!

I saw golden light shining in all directions, piled up with countless rare treasures and golden marrow spirit stones, and even imitation jade seals, golden armor, and a bright yellow Tengyun robe!

The intention of rebellion has been revealed!

Chu Yin was stunned, “This, this is not mine! Who put it here? Someone clearly framed this king!”

“Chen Zong, we also found this below.”9

The commander of the Demon Slayer came over with a jade box.

Chen Wangchuan opened the box.

There are nearly a hundred jade letters and letters inside.

It records in detail the whole process of fornicating with the tiger clan, setting up the blood slaughter formation, and vainly refining the living beings!

Hard evidence!

Chen Wangchuan looked at Chu Yin, “Prince Chu, how should you explain this? 35

Chu Yin exclaimed: “Impossible, the letter has been destroyed by the king long ago…”

Speaking of which, the voice stopped abruptly.

Everything is clear.

The ministers were horrified!

Chu Yin lowered his head, his nails pierced into the flesh, and blood flowed down his fingers!

He finally realized that this is not to investigate the case at all, but to kill him completely!

I didn’t plan to let him live from the beginning!

“It’s you?”

Chu Yin raised his head, his eyes were blood red, and looked at Su Shi hatefully, “You want to harm this king? 39

The other party was clearly prepared.

Otherwise, how could it be possible to discover the secret under Xianqing Pond?

Su Shi shook his head and said, “If you want people to not know, you should know what you have done unless you do nothing.”

Gao Fan is just a small city owner, how can he catch up with the wild tiger clan?

Besides, even if the people in the city were refined, what good would it be for Gaofan?

At that time, Gao Fan was banished to northern Xinjiang, but his wife and children stayed in Kyoto, apparently being taken as a hostage by Chu Yin!

Chu Yin gritted his teeth.

Su Shi ruined his plan in the wasteland city, and now he sees the illusion of Xianqingchi, and pushes him into the abyss under the watchful eyes of everyone.

“He is obviously a rebel of the devil’s way, why does he have to get along with this king repeatedly!

“Could it be that he really has an affair with Feng Chaoge?!”

Looking at the warring officers and soldiers around, a trace of cruelty flashed across Chu Yin’s eyes.

The matter has come to this point, the Prince’s Mansion is over.

If the accusations were carried out, even the iron coupons of the Danshu couldn’t save his life!

Must fight!

Chu Yin crushed the blood jade in his hand.


The entire palace was instantly dimmed, and it seemed to be shrouded in dark clouds!

There were bursts of exclamations from the crowd.

In the shadows, several figures wearing cyan grimace masks appeared and flew towards Chu Yin.

“Even if you think about it, you can’t imagine that the entire palace is built on the formation!

“Leave the green hills, don’t worry about no firewood!


The ghost-faced man grabbed Chu Yin’s arm.

At this moment, a blazing light lit up, like a blazing sun tearing through the night!

I saw Su Shi’s figure soaring into the air, silver light shot from all over his body, and the green frost in his hand screeched harshly!


As soon as the sword is out, all swords surrender!


Haoran Sword Intent slashed precisely on the eye of the formation, and the entire formation collapsed and dissipated in an instant!

Su Shi looked at Chu Yin indifferently, “I said, don’t play formation in front of me.”

“Kill him for this king!

Chu Yin was furious.

Several ghost figures stopped Chen Wangchuan, and one of the ghost-faced men shot towards Su Shi.


The scorching heat is surging like waves!

I saw Duke Wei turned into a fierce sun, his palm wrapped in spiritual power and slammed it down, the ghost-faced man splattered with blood and fell to the ground.

“Eunuch Wei?!

Chu Yin’s pupils shrank to pinpoints.

The sergeant in front of the hall.

Although it is only a second-rank official rank, it is equivalent to His Majesty’s Chief Internal Officer!

Eunuch Wei landed on the ground and said, “Our family has been ordered to protect Eunuch Zhenguo, if Prince Chu doesn’t want to die, it’s best not to think about it.


Several other ghost-faced people were also headed by Chen Wangchuan.

The guards of the palace were all controlled by the officers and soldiers of the Demon Slayer Division.

In just a few breaths, Chu Yin’s resistance failed.

The air was dead, and needles could be heard falling.

The sound of rumbling footsteps came from far to near, and the guards in golden armor rushed over quickly, as if a large net had firmly blocked the prince’s residence.

After a brief silence, a golden light swayed in the air.

A golden scroll appeared out of thin air and quietly suspended in front of Eunuch Wei.

Holy decree!

Except for Su Shi, everyone knelt down.

Eunuch Wei took the imperial decree with both hands and unfolded it carefully, with 16 large golden characters written on it.

“Your Majesty has a purpose.

“Everyone in the palace, escort them to the imperial prison, thoroughly investigate the truth, and they will definitely be executed!”

Chu Yin slumped on the ground weakly.


Chu 407 was still a little confused in his head.

what just happened?

How did they become rebels out of nowhere?

The guards poured into the palace, escorted Chu Yin and others out, and even took away the servant girl and family Ding.

The originally noisy mansion suddenly became empty.

Only the blood on the ground indicated what had just happened.

Everyone looked at the white robe.

From the time Su Shi came to the present, he destroyed the Prince’s Palace with his own hands!

It seemed that everything was in his hands.

Terrible so!

“Gong Zhen Guo said that he was here to watch the fun… He clearly came to ‘kill’ people!””

“Prince Chu, it’s over!”

The minister, who was usually friends with Chu Yin, was as pale as paper at this time, and he had already begun to think about a way out.

“Thanks to Duke Zhen Guo today.

Chen Wangchuan came over with a smile.

He is very glad that he listened to Su Shi’s words, but Chu Yin really hid things under the Xianqing Pond!

Su Shi shook his head, “Even if I don’t say it, Master Chen will find out.

Chen Wangchuan wondered: “Why?”””

Su Shi sighed, “Do you really think that Chu Yin would be stupid enough to make a fake jade seal and put it in the mansion?

Chen Wangchuan was stunned for a moment, then he took a deep breath!

“You mean Your Majesty…”

Su Shi did not speak.

it is more than words.

“Feng Chaoge is a cruel person.”


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