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Su Shi walked towards the palace gate.

The way was unobstructed, and the palace maids and guards were not surprised when they saw him, and they all bowed to greet him, obviously Feng Chaoge had already instructed.

Thinking of the bright yellow phoenix robe, a coldness flashed in Su Shi’s eyes.

Give her a baby?

It is normal for the two to have opposing identities, and it is normal to calculate each other, but such an outrageous idea cannot be how this woman came up with it!

“To give birth to yourself!”

Thinking of the big belly of the noble emperor sitting on the frosty sky, Su Shi’s mouth twitched into a wicked smile.

The picture is so beautiful!

“Mr. Township.”

At this moment, a call came from my ear, and I saw that the eunuch in Chinese clothes was coming towards him.

Su Shi paused, “Father Sun?”

The eunuch in Chinese attire was white and beardless, wearing a python robe with arrow sleeves, and a red scorching sun was printed on his chest.

Referred to as the Sun Lord.

These two times were the palace where the other party picked him up.

The eunuch in Huafu shook his head and said, “Our family is not called Sun, but our family’s name is Wei Jinzhong.”

“Cough cough! Wei, Wei Jinzhong?”

Su Shi almost choked on his saliva, “My dear, so you are Wei Zhongxian? Nine thousand years old?”

Dongchang eunuchs, big traitor!

Eunuch Wei broke down in a cold sweat, and said in a hurry: “Eunuch Zhen Guo, don’t dare to talk nonsense! Our family is just a superintendent in front of the palace, how dare you call it nine thousand years old?”

This king of town always speaks amazingly!

At first, he called His Majesty’s name directly, but now he was nine thousand years old, and he was so frightened that his heart skipped a beat.

Eunuch Wei wiped off his cold sweat and did not dare to dwell on this topic, “Eunuch Zhen Guo is going out? 55

Su Shi nodded, “Prepare to go to the Chen Mansion for a walk.”

After all, with the inheritance of the Chen family, he had to give Chen Wangchuan an explanation.

Eunuch Wei’s face was a little embarrassed, “Eunuch Zhenguo should not go first.”5

Su Shi frowned slightly, “What’s wrong?”

Eunuch Wei looked around and said in a low voice, “Zongshi Chen is in the Prince’s Mansion now, the scene is very chaotic, Eunuch Zhenguo better not go to this muddy water.

“The Prince’s Palace?”

Su Shi’s eyes flashed, “It seems that the Holy Emperor already knows?”

Eunuch Wei was stunned, “Could it be that Eunuch Zhenguo…”

Su Shi didn’t say anything more, just walked past him.

Looking at Su Shi’s back, Eunuch Wei’s eyes were full of shock.

It turns out that Duke Zhen Guo already knew?!

Prince’s Palace.

The two groups were confronting each other, and the atmosphere was icy and chilling.

Chu Qi looked at the people of Zhan Mo Si, frowned and said: “Chen Qingluan, you are trying to rebel!

Chen Qingluan’s expression was indifferent, “The Demon Slayer Division is handling the case, and I hope that Prince Chu will cooperate.”

“Handle a case?”

Chu Qi gritted his teeth, “Have you handled the case at my prince’s residence?

As the only remaining royal clan, Xian Wang Chu Yin has a high status, who dares to offend the entire imperial city?

Now Zhan Mosi has forced his way in!

The news quickly spread throughout Kyoto!

The footsteps on the street were chaotic, and the ministers and dignitaries near Fang District were rushing to hear the news.

Chu Qi said in a high voice, “Breaking into the Prince’s Mansion, this is not over! Master Chen must give us an explanation!

“What do you want to say?”

The crowd split a path, and a middle-aged man with pale hair and a straight body like a sword walked slowly.

Chen Wangchuan!

Chu Qi’s pupils shrank.

Chen Wangchuan actually came in person?!

Something doesn’t seem right.

Chu Qi’s voice moved, “Master Chen…”

“Here comes the prince!”

The crowd exclaimed.

In the dark hall, a burly figure wearing a dark yellow dragon robe also came out.

King Xian, Chu Yin!

The two of them are in a deep state, and their breaths do not give way to each other, like two mountains!

The air was quiet for a few breaths.

Chu Yin frowned and said, “Chen Zongshi is so inspiring, what is the reason?”

Chen Wangchuan said lightly: “Handle the case.”

“No matter what crime this king has committed, even if he wants to investigate, it should be from the Supreme Court.

Chu Yin stood with his hands behind his back, his expression icy cold, “Master Chen retires, and this king can pretend that nothing happened. Otherwise, this king will have to speak well in front of His Majesty!


“Master Chen, this is against the rules.

“Prince Chu has a distinguished status, and humiliating the royal family is a serious crime.

The ministers who were close to King Xian spoke up one after another.

Chen Wangchuan didn’t speak, and took out a golden scroll directly from his arms.

“Holy decree?”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, then hurriedly knelt down, and even Chu Yin and his son knelt on the ground.

“Your Majesty has a purpose!

“The Wasteland City case is solely in charge of the Demon Slayer Division. Anyone who dares to block the case, whether it is a prince, a general or a dignitary, can rectify the law on the spot!”

Chen Wangchuan’s voice was clear and crisp, echoing over the palace.


Like thunder on the ground.

There was a huge wave in the hearts of everyone!

The Wasteland City case?

Hasn’t the city lord Gaofan’s illicit affair with the tiger clan been fully investigated?

…for flowers

Now that the old things are brought up again, do you want to come to the Prince’s Mansion to investigate the case?

Could it be that……

Your Majesty suspects that Prince Chu has something to do with this matter?

People’s eyes couldn’t hide their horror.

Chen Wangchuan looked at Chu Yin, “What else does Prince Chu want to say?

Chu Yin’s face was expressionless, but his eyes were gloomy as water, “Since it is His Majesty’s will, this king should cooperate, but if Master Chen can’t find out anything, this king will definitely ask His Majesty for justice! 35

“This is Prince Chu’s freedom.

Chen Wangchuan raised his hand, “Search!””

Everyone in the Demon Slaying Division moved in response.

The guards of the palace did not dare to stop them, so they could only watch them searching the palace, not even letting go of the female family’s room.

From the palace up to the princess, down to the maid, they are all concentrated in the courtyard, being watched over like prisoners.


Chen Wangchuan’s figure was in the air, and his divine consciousness covered the entire Prince’s Mansion.

It seems that the palace has to be dug three feet into the ground!

Chu Yin’s face was gloomy.

For his identity, this is a great disgrace!

“Chen Wangchuan, this king will definitely impeach you in court!””

Everyone shrank their necks, obviously King Chu Xian was really angry!

At this moment, a voice came from outside the door:

“Cough, everyone, borrowed it. 35

People looked back and saw a man in white came in.

“Mr. Township!

“Master Su, why are you here?”

The ministers looked eager.

This is the big celebrity in front of His Majesty, and the only minister who can stay in the palace so far!

His Majesty’s favor is evident!

“Like everyone, I came here to watch the fun.”

Su Shi asked, “I wonder what crime this Prince Chu committed?

“Shh, it’s inconclusive, sir, be careful!”

“Yeah, it’s still in the investigation stage, and it’s unknown if there is any guilt.”5

“This is the prince of the dynasty!

Facing their kind reminder, Su Shi smiled and said, “What’s wrong with the prince? The emperor violated the law, and he also committed the same crime as the common people. If the prince committed a crime, he would have to be beheaded.”

“Besides, if Prince Chu’s ass is so clean, can His Majesty come to check on him?”


There was no sound all around.

Everyone swallowed and took two steps back silently.

Eunuch Wei, who was following behind, covered his face.

Duke Zhen Guo is really as always, and his words are not astonishing and endless…

At this moment, Su Shi saw a familiar figure, his eyes lit up, and he waved with a smile.

“Yushi Chen!” Qian.


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