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Only then did Su Shi really see Feng Chaoge’s appearance.

The phoenix eyes and crescent eyebrows, the broken jade lips, and the cheeks like the dawn, make people unable to see the real age.

His eyes were as quiet as a lake, and even if he remained silent, he exuded a terrifying majesty.

There is a faint cinnabar mole between the eyebrows, which adds a touch of beauty to her.

“This should be the real rich woman-, right?”

Su Shi thought to himself.

In Kyushu, no one should be richer than her.

Aware of his unbridled gaze, Feng Chaoge frowned slightly, his voice unpleasant, “No one dares to look at me like this.”

Among the civil and military officials of the whole dynasty, no one dared to look her in the eyes, let alone look at her without any scruples.

Su Shi smiled, “That’s really a pity.””

Feng Chaoge wondered, “What a pity?”

Su Shi asked back: “Most of the memorials you read just now were flattering, right?

Feng Chaoge nodded, “Nine times out of ten it’s flattery.”

There are dozens of these kinds of papers every day, and she is not even interested in taking a second look.

“The minister doesn’t even dare to look at you, so how can you dare to speak out?”

Su Shi shrugged, “There is no progress without criticism, isn’t it a pity that, as the ruler of a country, you can’t even hear the real voice?”35

Feng Chaoge was slightly taken aback.

Although the other party’s tone was disrespectful, there was some truth to what he said.

She pondered for a moment and said, “If you are an official in the court, would you dare to speak bluntly?”

Su Shi grinned, “Do you really think I’m stupid? It’s just that I’m not an official. I dare to say that. If I mess around with you, my flattery will be louder than anyone else’s.”


Feng Chaoge was speechless for a while.

This person’s words were too direct, as if he didn’t treat her as an emperor at all.

However, she was used to being servile and flattering, and this casual attitude made her find it quite interesting.

“Pass the meal.

The place where Feng Chaoge ate was in Yugan Palace.

The maids holding jade boxes lined up to come in and bring various dishes, meals and soups to the dining table.

There are nearly a hundred dishes on a full table, all of which are delicious delicacies with aura.

Rare spirit beasts, fairy grass and spirit materials can be seen everywhere.

In contrast, the meals of the Demon Emperor were much simpler.

Feng Chaoge picked up the golden chopsticks, picked up a spirit grass and put it into the mouth of the sandalwood. After a brief taste, he put down the chopsticks.

He picked up the shampoo and wiped the corners of his mouth.

Su Shi wondered, “Is this finished?”

Feng Chaoge nodded, “I have no appetite. 99

Su Shi frowned slightly.

No appetite to prepare so many dishes?

Nearly a hundred dishes, but only one bite is too extravagant.

And looking at the expressions of the maids around, it is obvious that the Holy Emperor has always been like this.

Feng Chaoge saw what he was thinking, and said lightly: “There are nearly 200 people in the imperial kitchen with stipends, if I don’t use these 100 dishes every day, do you think they can still stay in the palace?

There are five bureaus under the imperial dining room, the chief cook, the deputy chief cook, the cook, the foreman… There are even dozens of maids serving the dishes.

If the emperor does not need them, then they all have no value of existence.

The imperial palace is a complex and huge institution, and every decision of Feng Chaoge may affect the livelihood of hundreds of people.

Su Shi was silent for a moment, then began to move his chopsticks.

Seeing how he was gobbling down, Feng Chaoge asked in confusion, “Didn’t you just eat dim sum? Are you hungry?”

Su Shi mumbled: “I hate waste the most!”

Feng Chaoge:

After half an hour.

Su Shi collapsed on the chair and said weakly: “No, I have tried my best.”

Even if he can refine the essence, the food will be refined into spiritual power, but there are too many dishes.

After eating for half an hour, there was still more than half of it left.

“These unfinished meals will be given to the servants in the palace, and the unfinished meals will be fed to spiritual animals and birds.”

Feng Chaoge shook his head and said, “Actually, it won’t be wasted, you don’t have to work so hard.


Su Shi was stunned for a moment, “Then why didn’t you tell me earlier? You almost killed me!

“Have you asked me?”


“When you’re full, go to court with me.

Ignoring Su Shi’s gnashing of teeth, Feng Chaoge got up and walked out of the palace, turning his back to his eyes with a smile.

“I haven’t seen such an interesting person in a long time.

Cui Tian Palace.

Civil and military officials are listed above the court.

Feng Chaoge sat high in the frosty sky, wearing a purple jade bead crown, and a gorgeous phoenix robe dragging the ground, exuding infinite majesty and atmosphere.

The female official beside her said loudly: “Xuan Su Shi will go to Hajj! 35

The ministers looked back one after another.

I saw a man dressed in white walking in, standing in the center of the hall with his hands down, without any intention of kneeling.

The ministers frowned upon seeing this.

Even the prince’s high-ranking officials will kneel and kowtow when they see His Majesty.

This Su Shi has no fame and is just a commoner, it is too presumptuous!

The Minister of Rites said solemnly, “Su Shi, when you meet Your Majesty, do you dare to bow down?”

Su Shi shook his head and said, “I eat too much, I can’t kneel down.”

Clearly expressing dissatisfaction.

The smile in Feng Chaoge’s eyes deepened.


“How dare you disrespect Your Majesty?”

“How dare you be so arrogant because of your merits?”

“Sure enough, he is a person in the devil’s way, and he is not educated!”

Several ministers denounced.

The rest mostly watched from the sidelines.


The female officer reprimanded.

The hall returned to quiet.

The Minister of Rites cupped his hands and said, “Your Majesty, I suggest that this rude person be expelled from the court!

Feng Chaoge said: “In the morning at Yugan Palace, Su Shi was really struggling, so if he doesn’t kneel, he won’t kneel. 99


The ministers took a deep breath!

Yugan Palace?

So, isn’t Su Shi a meal with His Majesty?

This is an honor no one has ever had!

The Minister of Rites turned pale, and the few people who jumped out just now lowered their heads silently.

They seem to underestimate Su Shi’s place in His Majesty’s heart…

Feng Chaoge motioned to the female official, “Let’s declare the decree.


The female official unfolded the imperial decree on the golden axis and recited aloud: “Fengtian carries the emperor, and the edict said.

“Su Shi defeated the alien conspiracy, saved 200,000 souls in northern Xinjiang, made great achievements, and saved the world from malpractice, and was specially named ‘Zhenguo Gong'”5


“The fief of Southwest Prefecture is hereditary and will never be abolished. 35

“Thank you!

The female official put away the decree.

There was a dead silence above the hall.

The ministers stood there, their expressions as if they had seen a ghost!

Duke of Township?

His Majesty actually made Su Shi a duke!

That is the head of the fifth-ranked rank, a super-first-rank officer, almost on an equal footing with the prince!

Not only that, but also the entire southwestern state was given to him as a fief.

The fief is equivalent to a country within a country. Although it is still under the rule of the imperial court, Su Shi fully enjoys all the rights and interests of the Southwest Continent.

I thought that His Majesty would reward some spiritual elixir, but I didn’t expect to give it directly to one-ninth of Su Shi’s country!

Chu Yin’s face was full of disbelief.

Is your majesty crazy?!

Su Shi was stunned.

Is this the richest woman in Kyushu?

The shot is too generous!

At the same time, a prompt sounded in his ear! Qian.


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