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Chen Wangchuan’s eyes were solemn.

Chen Qingluan has been very fond of swords since childhood and has never done anything beyond the norm.

But this time, as soon as he returned to Weiyang Capital, he accompanied Su Shi to Fengchun Tower, and the news spread throughout the imperial city.

Everyone is speculating about their relationship.

Although Su Shi is kind to the Chen family, her daughter’s reputation is equally important.

Chen Qingluan explained: “Hua Manlou insisted on taking Su Shi to go, I asked to follow, and I just had a drink.

“It was that kid.

Chen Wangchuan’s expression quickly disintegrated, and he said with a smile: “I knew that Su Shengzi was in such a bright mood, how could he come and go in and out of that horny place?”


Chen Qingluan covered his forehead.

This face-changing speed is too fast!

“Su Shengzi not only helped the old man, but also saved the little girl’s life in Wasteland City, the Chen family will never forget Su Shengzi’s kindness.

Chen Wangchuan said, actually got up and bowed.

Su Shi froze for a moment.

The other party was a high-ranking member of the imperial court, and he was also a great master of kendo. He did not expect that the other party would make such a move.

“Master Chen is polite, but it’s just a little effort, and Qingluan has helped me more than once.

“Hands up?”

Chen Wangchuan said with a wry smile: “I have seen that apocalyptic scene with my own eyes, if it wasn’t for Su Shengzi’s action, I am afraid that the little girl would have been tempered into blood by that great formation, just like the people in the city.

After listening to the other party’s narration, Su Shi suddenly realized.

It turned out that the reason why the Holy Emperor recognized his achievements was entirely achieved by Wang Mao, Yu Ze, Chen Wangchuan, and Sikong Yueyue and others.

Otherwise, his heroic name may really be buried.

“Sikong Luyue would actually help me… I think it is inseparable from Qingchen’s efforts.

Su Shi thought to himself.

At this time, Chen Wangchuan said: “In order to thank Su Shengzi for his kindness, I specially prepared a small gift.

Su Shi shook his head and said, “Chen Zongshi’s willingness to help me correct my name is enough for me.

Although he disdains to be a hero.

But it does give him real plot value.

“One yard owned by a yard.”

Chen Wangchuan got up and said: “Su Shengzi come with me. 35

Su Shi couldn’t refuse any more, got up and followed him out of the hall.

Passing through the Chen family’s mansion and walking all the way to the backyard, people around him cast curious glances.

Come to a pond.

The area of ​​this pool is huge, almost filling the entire courtyard. The water quality is crystal clear, and you can see swimming fish.

Chen Wangchuan raised his palm, the sword energy in his palm flickered, and pressed it over the pool.

The air fluctuates like ripples.

The pool in front of him suddenly changed its appearance.

I saw countless sharp swords stuck upside down under the pond, and the swimming fish turned out to be pure sword energy!

“This is the Sword Pond, which contains the accumulation of the great powers of the Chen family.

“It can sharpen the physical body, strengthen the meridians, and at the same time refine the sword energy to be more pure.”

Chen Wangchuan said: “I think Su Shengzi is also proficient in kendo, this sword pool should be able to provide you a lot of help.

Su Shi looked surprised.

I didn’t expect the other party to use this as a thank you gift.

He is familiar with the plot, and naturally knows the power of the Chen family’s sword pool.

It contains the Sword Intent of the Great Emperor!

Su Shi asked curiously, “Master Chen helps me improve my strength, so I won’t be afraid of causing rumors?

Chen Wangchuan looked indifferent, “I only know that Su Shengzi is the benefactor of the Chen family. As for your identity, that is something that Your Majesty should worry about.”

Su Shi smiled.

This Master Chen has a very free and easy character.

The other party said this, and he didn’t bother to be hypocritical anymore, and jumped directly into the pool.


Waves appeared on the calm water, like turbulent waves, and endless sword energy rushed towards him frantically.

A burst of excruciating pain came!

Chen Wangchuan said with a smile: “I forgot to tell you that the tempering process is very painful, but the longer you persist, the better the effect will be.

And Su Shi couldn’t hear him anymore.

The violent sword qi poured into the body, surging in the body, madly impacting the muscles and veins.

When he was cultivating Taihe Fu, he had tempered himself with Bitian Divine Fire, and his physical strength far exceeded that of sword cultivators in the same realm.

But in front of this tyrannical sword energy, it was destroyed almost instantly!

The heart-piercing pain made him unable to think, and he could only let the sword qi rampage in his body.

The flesh was torn apart and reorganized by the sword energy.

The meridians are broken and connected with sword qi.

Constantly destroying and restoring, Su Shi’s body becomes stronger and stronger, and his bones and bones are as crystal clear as jade!

At the same time, the Heaven and Human Scriptures are running automatically, and the system prompts keep ringing in the ears:

【Absorb Haoran Sword Qi…】

【Absorb Haoran Sword Qi…】

After half an hour.

Chen Wangchuan frowned slightly, “Not coming out yet?”

He knew better than anyone the pain that was ripping his heart out.

The first time he entered the sword pool, he could not help but jump out after only holding on to a stick of incense.

Chen Qingluan said worriedly: “Is there something wrong?

“Probably not.”

Chen Wangchuan was also a little uncertain.

After hesitating for a while, I was prepared to fish Su Shi first.

Just as he was about to strike.

I saw that the water in the pool seemed to be stirred by an invisible hand, and a column of water nearly a hundred feet high swirled into the sky!

At the top of the water column, a figure flies into the air!

Su Shi hunts in white clothes, his qi is gushing out, his whole person is like a sword soaring to the sky!

343 Chen Wangchuan was stunned, “This is…”

Su Shi’s eyes were closed.

The sword energy of the meridians is rushing like a river, constantly accumulating in the dantian.

With more and more sword energy in his body, he could only run Taihe Fu frantically and forcefully compress it.

But this sword energy seems to be endless!

“No, I can’t stand it anymore.

If it goes on like this, he has only one ending to explode and die!

Su Shi’s body is lowered, his left hand is vacantly held, and his right hand is slowly held in front of his left hand.

A repressed groan resounded in the air.

The countless long swords below the pond seemed to be inductive and trembled almost at the same time.

Su Shi opened his eyes, the eyes disappeared, replaced by a flashing silver light!

“Cut! 99

With a light shout, the right hand suddenly swung out!


Wuzhu Jianqi rushed out like a storm.

The sky and the earth are dark, and only the dazzling sword light can be seen!

It was as if the Milky Way was rolling backwards, and the sword light went up against the sky, traversing the sky for thousands of miles!

At the same time, all the long swords in the city roared in unison!

Once the sword is out, many swords are called ministers!

Released the sword intent in his body, Su Shi’s body was transparent and comfortable, and he slowly fell to the ground.

“Master Chen, your sword pool is really strong.”

Looking at the empty sword pool, Chen Wangchuan frowned wildly, “You actually realized the mighty sword intent?!


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