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Looking at Su Shi who was “working hard”, Cen Baihu couldn’t hide his horror.

Some people may think that the Holy Master’s temper is not bad.

That’s because everyone who’s seen her get angry is dead!

Dominate the demons and follow the law.

Yun Qiluo’s thoughts cannot be pondered by others.

Cen Baihu has followed her for so many years, and so far he has not dared to overstep the slightest, and he has never seen anyone eat with her!

“Su Shi…”

“Is it because of his little credit in Southwest State?”

Cen Baihu shook his head secretly.


Although the Southwest Prefecture is important, it is not in the forefront of the Nine Provinces in the Linlang Kingdom.

Besides, if you really want to talk about the merits, the four holy envoys have made great achievements in battle, and it is not an exaggeration to say that they are the right-hand man after following the Demon Emperor to conquer Kyushu.

But it has never been treated like this!

This kid is definitely not easy!

“What are you looking for in this seat?”

Yun Qiluo asked aloud.

Cen Baihu calmed his mind and cupped his hands: “I heard that the Holy Master revoked the black killing order?”

Hearing this, Su Shi’s dry rice action paused.

The killing order has been revoked?

“That’s right.”

Yun Qiluo nodded, “Zhan Qingchen is the chief of Tianji Pavilion after all. If he bites her and doesn’t let her go, Sikong Zuyue will not give up. Now is not the time to start a full-scale war with Zhengdao.”

Today, although the righteous and the devil are opposed, there are two unspoken unspoken rules:

First, high-level combat power cannot easily end.

There are no finished eggs under the nest. If all parties are able to fight, I am afraid that the world will be destroyed in one fell swoop, which is not in the interests of everyone.

The other one is not to deliberately target the chief descendant.

Because this represents the future of the sect.

If you kill the other party’s successor, the other party can also kill your successor, which consumes the heritage in vain, and the final result is both losers.

The black killing order issued by the Demon Emperor before has completely touched these two red lines.

This is undoubtedly declaring war on Tianji Pavilion!

Cen Baihu frowned and said: “Holy Master, the black killing order is not a child’s play. Since it is released, there is no reason to withdraw it. With such a capriciousness, I am afraid that some people will question the majesty of the Holy Master.”

Yun Qiluo’s voice was low, “Are you teaching me to do things?”

Cen Baihu’s back was cold, and he knelt on the ground with a “pop”.

“My subordinates dare not!”

His face was pale, and cold sweat soaked through his clothes.

Yun Qiluo said lightly, “I know that you are outspoken, so I won’t bother with you this time.”

“As for the black killing order…”

She glanced at Su Shi, who was cooking, “Since Su Shi isn’t dead, there is no reason for me to kill Zhan Qingchen.”


Su Shi, who was drinking soup, spit it out.

“Cough cough!”

“Sorry Sorry, you continue to talk, I didn’t hear anything.”

He wiped his mouth embarrassedly, screaming inwardly.

What’s up with this Demon King!

Could it be that she issued a black killing order to avenge herself?

There is no such part in the original plot!

“Could it be that when I gave her candied haws, the plot has quietly changed?”

Su Shi suddenly had a feeling:

Things seem to be going in an uncontrollable direction…

Cen Baihu was also stunned.

“What does the Holy Master mean by this?”

“Zhan Qingchen is the chief descendant of Tianji Pavilion, and Su Shi is just one of many demon generals, with completely different positions. This… This is also unreasonable.”

The words are not rude.

Zhan Qingchen is a super genius, and Tianji Pavilion is such a treasure.

And Su Shi is just a little devil general, and he still has one hundred and ninety-seven dead.

There is absolutely no comparison between the two!

Yun Qiluo’s voice was calm, but what she said was shocking:

“This seat intends to select Su Shi as the chief successor.”

“Tianji Pavilion kills the chief of my sect, and this seat will kill their chief. Is there any problem?”


The spoon fell to the ground.

Su Shi’s expression was dull and blank.



“Holy Lord, are you alright?!”

He just gave the Demon Emperor two bites of food, and the other party wants to make him the chief successor?

Did you make a mistake!

Cen Baihu couldn’t understand either.

“Holy Master think twice!”

“The position of successor is of great importance, and it must not be a child’s play!”

“Besides, Su Shi, his talent is not good either!”

The position of the descendant of the sect has been vacant for many years.

Now they say that they want to pass it on to a little devil general with ordinary talent?

Maybe Su Shi has some chance to defeat Chen Qingluan, but in the long run, this is definitely not a wise decision!

“Yes, yes, I can’t!”

Su Shi nodded vigorously.

He just wants to make a fortune in silence, but he doesn’t want to be a bird!

Yun Qiluo glared at him, “If it was before, this seat would not force you, but now what kind of talent you are, don’t you know in your heart?”

When she first saw Su Shi, she saw that something was wrong.

I couldn’t believe it in my heart.

But in the process of severely injuring the opponent and healing him, he has completely penetrated his root bone.

Su Shi’s current talent is countless times more exaggerated than Zhan Qingchen!

This is not done by any chance!

“Maybe… this is God’s will?”

A smile flashed across Yun Qiluo’s eyes.


Su Shi touched his nose, his expression unnatural.

Could it be seen by the Demon Emperor?

Seeing that he didn’t want to admit it, Yun Qiluo snorted, “If I remember correctly, this year’s endowment test has already begun, right?”

“Exactly, Su Shi, let’s take the test.”

Cen Baihu breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as you participate in the test and endowment conference, everything is self-evident.

At that time, the facts will be in front of you, and in the face of the opposition of the whole sect, I believe that the Holy Master can no longer continue to be stubborn.

Su Shi had a bitter look on his face, “Can you not go?”

Yun Qiluo was decisive, “No!”*


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